Meet the Team:

Say Hi! Our current team consists of DefyGG, Quickmaffs, Rythm, Eyangch, and mda (also known as 乃尺ㄩ卄 on discord). We are very welcoming of new team members and would love to give a hugeee thank you to ZeroDayTea (ZeroDayTea#3958). He has participated with us on several occasions, and we are sure to continue working with him. Here are some wise words from our team - Daniel (DefyGG)

Hey, I'm Daniel. I know at least 5 different ways to inspect element. :sunglasses: (I also made the hot websites :) )


Poolesville Highschool

I am Jason Gonzalez. Sometimes you'll see me typing "AAAAAA..." into programs instinctively so you can tell I do pwn.


Gonzalez Homeschool

i am eric. i like reverse engineering because i get to stare at ghidra until it makes sense.


Allen Highschool

I do forensics, but I’m the worst at guessing on my team

mda (乃尺ㄩ卄)

Allen Highschool

I do crypto because rabbit holing on a useless part of a challenge for 20 hours is fun :smile:


Poolesville Highschool

Upcoming Events

As learners ourselves, we feel that the best way to connect with the public is through events. Introducing newcomers to the skills involved with CTFs, we have/plan to host several similar cybersecurity competitions. 0_0

LIT CTF (passed)

An AMAZING CTF, hosted by our friends and Lexington Highschool. Our team members Rythm and Eyangch helped Lexington create an awesome CP/CTF competition.

PeanutButter.jar CTF #1 (upcoming)

The team of PeanutButter.jar will bring you our first-ever CTF...PeanutButter.jar CTF! It will be hosted 9/17/2021, Register soon! (link with the CTF website will be up soon)

Killer Queen CTF(upcoming)

A CTF hosted by our good friend, ZeroDayTea. He has participated with our team in several competitions and we are excited by his upcoming CTF soon (early October, however no defined dates).

PeanutButter.jar CTF #2..3..4???

Get ready...the PeanutButter.jar team will definitely make more CTFs in the future. Have fun!


Unfortunately, many of our old writeups got lost when uploading to the website. We will continue to upload as many writeups as possible. Thank you.

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HSCTF (8) ZKP: Crypto

HSCTF (8) House of Sice: Pwn

HSCTF (8) Black Box: Crypto

HSCTF (8) Regulus Calendula: Crypto